About Us

Who are we?

The Immigration Industry Association (IIA) is a Non-Profit Association formed by way of a Community Interest Company (CIC). Its purpose is to provide benefits and support to its Immigration Industry members and the wider migrant and expat community around the world.

The IIA is a forum for the immigration community to come together to network, share ideas, information, research and experiences.

Meet the Team

The IIA consists of the Chairman, Board Members, General Manager and one Support Member.

The Board

Christopher Galway (Chairman)

Paula McGeown

Steve Cottle

Bruce Steentjes

General Manager

 Geraldine Collett


Hannah Schmith


The Core Objectives of the IIA are to:

  • Link the Immigration Industry, bring the immigration industry and community together
  • Facilitate introductions to increase our members’ referral business and partners
  • Provide a supportive forum for individuals, companies, non profits and government bodies within the Immigration Industry
  • Offer a duty of care to our members’ clients/candidates/customers
  • Provide a platform for our members to get their message out
  • Facilitate training, education and career development opportunities for the Immigration Industry (Network whilst you learn)
  • Provide industry led research that assists members in achieving long-term strategic goals
  • Opportunities for members to expand into new business areas and markets
  • Networking opportunities for members by way of events, seminars, webinars, annual conference and trade missions to other jurisdictions
  • Provide confidence to members’ clients through the Immigration Industry Code of Practice and Quality Assurance Practices
  • Membership directory where other members and prospects can find out about member services
  • Member only benefits

IIA Webinar Series – 2. Using PR to raise awareness of your business

Lloyd Gofton from Liberate Media presents the 2nd in a 3 Part Webinar Series on ‘How to Market your Business’.

There will be a series of 3 webinars, over 6 weeks – 6th June, 20th June and 4th July 2017. Lloyd will provide tailored and relevant information for our Immigration industry members. Lloyd has extensive experience in working with companies within the Immigration Industry.

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IIA Official Launch – Evening Reception

Celebrate with us, the Official Launch of the Immigration Industry Association (IIA). Hosted by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Come along to meet the IIA team and our members, and find out more about the benefits of joining us. Steve Cottle, the Director of Global Business Development for Morneau Shepell will provide an overview of the new Expat Assistance Programme.

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How Did the IIA Come About? Collaboration and Discussion

After many years of working in the Immigration Industry,  the Founders of the Association often asked themselves, ‘why was there no association or accreditation for the worldwide Immigration Industry?’ A conversation started happening between practitioners and service providers about the benefit to everyone that such an organisation could provide. This continued, developed and then the IIA was formed.

There are common issues faced by practitioners, service providers, and potential migrants; such as ever-changing immigration legislation, a turbulent global market with acute fluctuations in currency and availability of jobs, lack of support and access to resources in the immigration profession, to name just a few.

At the same time, immigration is a significant and life changing event for our clients and so the need for best practice and quality assurance are of paramount importance. We believe the way to ensure optimal services are consistently delivered is to support and develop the people that move these mountains for clients daily.

Our Vision 

The Vision for the IIA is to bring the global immigration, expat and international student industry together to network, collaborate, learn and to promote high quality standards amongst its membership.

We will achieve a cohesive, collaborative and collegiate community of immigration industry professionals who are supported by the IIA to ensure the best possible outcomes for their clients and their businesses.

Our Guiding Principles 

  • To act with Integrity – with our clients and other Immigration professionals
  • To be supportive of our Members and to listen to the issues they face in the industry and respond with solutions
  • To promote Best Practice in the industry
  • To foster an environment of collaboration between Immigration professionals across the globe
  • To assist members with their lifelong learning and career development
  • To share useful, current and accurate information with our members on issues pertinent to the Immigration Industry and community

Code of Practice


To be a member of the Immigration Industry Association you must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the IIA’s Code of Practice.

Membership of the Immigration Industry Association may be terminated for breaches of the Code.


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