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Immigration Industry Association

Supporting the Immigration and Expat Industry across the globe.


Immigration Industry Association

Supporting the Immigration, Expat & Relocation Industry across the globe.


Immigration and Visas

With an ever increasing demand for skilled workers and family reunion, this sector is set to stage a resurgence. Stay up to date with the latest news and information from around the globe.

Investment and Business

In the new world, investment and business visas will form the basis of economic recovery. Learn more about Investment and Business Visa categories from across the globe.


The relocation sector is an ever changing environment, with new laws and restrictions. stay up to date with the latest news and information from across the sector.


Being an Expat can be exciting. from the start to completion of the assignment, there is so much to think about. Keep up to date with the latest trends and issues for this market.

What we do

Provide confidence to the community who utlise the services of providers within the industry, through a shared code of practice.

Its purpose is to link, provide benefits and support to its immigration, expat, relocation and global mobility industry members

The IIA is a forum for the immigration, expat and relocation community to come together to network, share ideas, information, research and experiences.


Provide opportunities for members to network across the globe allowing service providers to refer to like minded quality organisations.


Collaborate together to ensure clients receive the best services possible for their circumstances – through arranging whole of service provisions.


Provide education services to our members to ensure they remain current within the industry and relevant to community expectations.


Provide research that is meaningful and leads to, developing strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship for the industry and its members.

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Finland’s Alarming Skilled-Labour Shortage

Three out of four companies are experiencing a shortage or even a severe shortage of skilled labour, according to the results of a survey...


Canada holds fourth all-program Express Entry draw of 2022

On August 17th, Canada’s Express Entry program held its fourth all-program draw of 2022. In our latest post, we look at what that might...

PODCAST – Canadian Immigration – What’s happening with express entry?

In this episode, we talk to Canadian Visa Specialists - Managing Director - Louise Willis about the Express Entry program for Canada. Louise specializes in...


Business & Investment

Cyprus New Tax and Visa Relocation Incentives

In  its effort to increase the number of high tech and innovation chaedquatering, the Cyprus government has announced new visa and tax incentives to...


DEEL becomes a sponsor of the IIA

We are delighted to introduce our new alliance partner Deel. As a world-leading provider of payroll and HR solutions, Deel has set the benchmark...

IIA meets with the Premier of Western Australia.

The IIA was delighted to be invited to speak with the Premier of Western Australia, the Honourable Mark McGowan MLA and the Agent General...

Do I need an immigration representative?

Whether you have just started thinking about immigration or have downloaded forms and are confused by them and the process, you may be asking yourself: “Should I hire a representative?”

Restart the Cyprus economy after Covid-19 crisis

How to Restart the Cyprus economy after Covid-19 crisis 2021 was yet another challenging year, marked by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in both...

Common Challenges You May Face as an Expat

If you’ve ever spoken to those who have made the leap and moved abroad, a common theme is the problems and barriers they have...

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UK – A Beautiful Mind

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced recently that the government plans to attract international talent through the Scale-Up Visa to make it quicker and easier for...

Cyber Security, Simplified.

7 Steps to Secure your Business For business practitioners outside the industry, these two words tend to invoke emotions of anxiety and images of an...

Pet Relocation

Relocating Overseas With Pets – What You Need To Know

The pandemic, lockdowns, and Brexit have made many people rethink their careers and some are even planning on relocating overseas for a better paying job or just a much-needed change of pace. Several countries are even offering temporary visas for “remote” workers. For many, this can be an easy transition, as all they have to do is choose a country, pack their bags, and go. The process is different, however, for pet owners. In fact, there are many important steps that pet owners should know about before relocating overseas with their furry friends.
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Australia Pet Relocation Checklist – Everything you need to know

If you are planning to relocate to Australia, it is important to follow the right procedures so you can bring your pet without any...

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Processing times As universities across Canada begin a new academic year, thousands of international students are still waiting to hear about their study permits. Canada is...


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