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The IIA Welcomes HiFX as our new Major Sponsor.

The IIA is proud to announce that Hifx is now a major sponsor of our organisation. We are delighted to move forward into the second half of 2018 with Hifx on board and look forward to working closely with them into the future. Hifx are a well established and trusted currency exchange service provider with an excellent reputation around the globe. The IIA encourages IIA members and contacts, along with their clients, to directly engage with Hifx to build mutually beneficial relationships that serve to strengthen the industry as a whole.

IIA Chairman – Chris Galway

For Consumers/Clients:

HiFX have a range of services designed to make moving money internationally easier and more cost effective, with competitive exchange rates and no fees.

If your client is immigrating, temporarily relocating or returning home and looking to send money to friends or family overseas, budgeting for a new life in a foreign country, purchasing a property abroad or paying bills in a different currency HiFX can help. With HiFX the process of transferring money is fast and highly secure, and signing up is quick, free and can be done 24 hours a day online. Your clients will get access to all the tools and information they need to monitor exchange rates and save money.

As well as simple buy now, pay now international money transfers, HiFX offers the ability to fix a rate for up to 2 years in advance. This can be for a single one off contract helping your client to fix the price of a property, or to make regular monthly payments meaning they know exactly how much they will receive each month, taking the stress out of regular payments abroad.

We trade in 142 currencies, so you can transfer money to over 170 countries.

With an ‘excellent’ Trust pilot rating of 5/5 from over 10,000 individual reviews you can be assured that your clients are in safe hands with HiFX.

For Businesses:

As a truly global provider, HiFX has international offices and would like to form partnerships and alliances with businesses who have clients moving around the world.


Emma Salmon, Head of Strategic Partnerships, HiFX Europe Limited

Phone: +44 (0)7730 618 536

Email: emma.salmon@hifx.co.uk

Website: www.hifx.co.uk

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