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Fostering and Supporting Ethical Business in Immigration

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As businesses and people involved in the Immigration sector, we have an enormous responsibility to ensure that with all of our best efforts, clients and their families have a seamless experience when it comes to relocating and obtaining their visas.

A successful process requires between 100 and 127 contacts, depending on what and where the applicant is moving to, however, for the most part, it involves organisations such as: immigration agents, banks, tax advisors, relocation agents, removalists, education providers, real estate, vehicle sales and lease and so much more. A big responsibility for all businesses participating in the process.

The Immigration Industry Association started in London in 2017. The aim of the IIA is to foster business, provide network opportunities, organise education events and in the end collaboratively foster the quality of migration processes.

Apart from ethical responsibility, businesses in migration have to think in terms of business benefits. The migration industry holds many different disciplines. Research shows that enhancing networks of businesses increases the market share, efficiency and profits of the businesses involved. By providing opportunities to network and foster relationships among members of the different disciplines in the migration industry the IIA brings business benefits to the individual businesses and promotes professional services, provided by professional people within the industry. This can only have a positive effect on the end client.

The IIA opens its doors for Australia and New-Zealand businesses at an event in Melbourne on the 14th of August.

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If you are engaged in the Immigration Industry – become a member today –  join us on our launching event and be part of this thriving network!

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Immigration Industry Association (IIA) begins Downunder

Australia Launch Event – 14 Aug 2019 – 4pm – 6pm – Melbourne 


For anyone, migrating or becoming an Expat, it is a huge step with big implications and decisions for the applicant. In all the excitement, fears and emotions of leaving the old and landing in the new, the applicant has many questions and issues to solve and overcome.

There are approximately 127 touchpoints that a migration applicant will face through their migration journey. These include, but not limited to visas, banking, taxation, schooling for children, valid educational qualifications, insurance, housing, investments and relocation and much much more. The quality of the service providers in this process is the sum of all the answers and solutions to these questions and of course the satisfaction of the client as well.

All disciplines in the immigration industry attempt to serve their migrating clients as well as they can, however, may never be capable of providing a one-stop full-solution service. An applicant, bringing a family with young children requires a different solution as to a student, or a skilled migrant visa. Each client requires a different solution and not one set of services fits all. That is where the IIA

The Immigration Industry Association (IIA) was founded in 2017, bringing these disciplines together in a network that shares knowledge, information and collaboration, in order to encourage high-quality services from industry representatives.

It is now time to deliver on its mandate to provide membership services across the Asia Pacific Rim.  Having already made inroads in New Zealand with some notable members, the IIA is now holding its inaugural meeting in Melbourne Australia on the 14th August. All existing and new prospective members are welcome to join us for this important event

The IIA opens its doors for Australia and New-Zealand in Melbourne on the 14th of August. To register – CLICK HERE

The event will be hosted by Mr Arno Wezenaar – Australian Leader and our important sponsors XE.com, Expatland and Christie Spaces.

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