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Shortfall of Truck Drivers in the UK

The current shortfall of HGV drivers is about 90,000. Transport and retail representatives of the UK have written a joint statement to Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarten, demanding a solution for the ongoing lorry driver shortage.

According to the statement, the situation is getting worse every day, placing supply chains in a quandary. Representatives are demanding the review training practices and the decision not to grant temporary work visas to European drivers.

In the letter, the shortfall of HGV drivers is about 90,000 and states that this “is placing increasingly unsustainable pressure on retailers and their supply chains”.

“While there was a shortage of HGV drivers prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit, these two events have exacerbated the situation.

“The pandemic halted driver training and testing for over 12 months, while an estimated 25,000 EU drivers returned home during the pandemic and following the end of the transition period.”

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