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Relocating Overseas With Pets – What You Need To Know

The pandemic, lockdowns, and Brexit have made many people rethink their careers and some are even planning on relocating overseas for a better paying job or just a much-needed change of pace.  Several countries are even offering temporary visas for “remote” workers.  For many, this can be an easy transition, as all they have to do is choose a country, pack their bags, and go. The process is different, however, for pet owners. In fact, there are many important steps that pet owners should know about before relocating overseas with their furry friends.

Many pet owners will ask themselves if travelling with their pets is something they really want to do and, if it is important enough, they will often overlook the difficulties. Others will choose to leave their pets behind with friends or family until they are settled in and are sure that the new country is suitable for them. Some other common questions pet owners should ask themselves before taking their pets overseas include:

  • How long will you be gone?
  • What are the entry requirements of their chosen destination? Import Permits?  Vaccines, blood tests? Quarantine?
  • What are the entry requirements on the way back?
  • How any temperature variation may affect your pet?

Before Taking Your Pet Overseas

The biggest concern that most countries have when importing/exporting pets is the potential transmission of diseases, for example Rabies and/or Avian influenza, which can spread from animals to humans, so some countries may require a quarantine period for any pets entering the country. Subject to destination, this can sometimes be up to a month and it can be very costly. Be sure to research the country’s rules and regulations about bringing in animals before taking your pet overseas.

Many countries also require that you provide a Health Certificate from your veterinarian which states that your pet is healthy, meets all the required veterinary health preparation for the destination country and is free of parasites. Make sure that all of your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and that you fulfil all of the required documentation of the country where you will be relocating to. This starts with having your pet microchipped with the right microchip for the country where you will be moving to.

Transportation For Your Pet

You should also know how you wish to transport your pet. This depends on the country you are relocating to and the chosen travel method. Certain airlines will allow your pet to travel in the cabin with, provided they are kept in a cage. Otherwise, your pet will travel in the pet cabin, a specific compartment of the aircraft designed for pets. It is always a good idea to contact a pet transportation service for guidance and help when it comes to transporting your pet overseas.

Contact Starwood Animal Transport Limited

When moving from one country to another, don’t forget that your pets could have special entry requirements as well. Let Starwood Animal Transport Limited help make migrating your pets easy and efficient. To learn more, contact Starwood Animal Transport Limited today and speak with a pet travel professional who can answer any questions you might have.

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Hannah Carrier
Hannah Carrier
Moving your pets is our passion! For us, Pets are a key part of family life. Our mission is simple; To provide first class pet relocation services, to ensure that families stay together, no matter where their lives take them. We’ll make sure your furry family gets First Class service every step of the way. That's why we are the UK's Leading Pet Relocation company! Call +44 (0)1494 865 255 today

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