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Introduction to the Immigration Industry Association (IIA) Membership

The IMMIGRATION INDUSTRY Association (IIA) is the Global Professional Association for immigration industry service providers, migration and visa advisers, immigration lawyers, relocation professionals, international recruiters and employers, global mobility, non-profit and government agencies, along with other Sole Traders, Businesses and Corporates working in any sector of the immigration, relocation and expat industry, including the international student market.

The IIA offers quality assurance to support IIA Members and protect their clients. This is an essential organisation for the promotion of high quality immigration related services globally. In addition, it provides a friendly, collaborative and collegiate environment to support practitioners and service providers, helping them to work within a best practice framework at all times.

Being a part of a professional association that offers support and advice to members is crucial if we want to promote and ensure quality services to potential and existing clients.

If you are looking to increase your business referral partners and sources, enhance the quality of your business, provide best practice within your organisation, improve your ability to serve the needs of your clients internationally, improve your credibility, increase your networks and expand your business, please get in touch.

Why become an IIA member?

- Increase your business referral partners and sources
- Get your message out to the global indutsry
- Be connected with new networks within the immigration, relocation and expat industry globally
- Attend the IIA's networking and social events
- Opportunities to host or speak at IIA events to build brand recognition
- Be listed on our Directory of Members where new prospects and other IIA members and contacts can find you and learn about the services you offer
- Access to industry research and information
- Improve your ability to serve your clients needs internationally
- CPD and training opportunities to build on your knowledge base, expand your skill set and develop expertise
- Access to mentoring opportunities
- Discounted sponsorship and advertising opportunities
- To participate in or benefit from the work of the IIA’s focus group committees
- Opportunities to collaborate with other Immigration practitioners and service providers
- Be a part of a professional body that promotes quality to your prospective clients. IIA promotes a quality standard throughout its membership
- A great platform for introducing new staff to the industry
- A valuable platform for entering new markets and regions
- To provide welfare, guidance and support services to your clients/candidates
- The unique opportunity to be involved in the IIA Expatland Project
- Member only offers
- Access to the Immigration Industry Jobs Board
- The credibility of being part of the world’s only global association for the immigration, relocation and expat industry

Eligibility Criteria

Membership of the Immigration Industry Association (IIA) is open to all Immigration practitioners, International Recruiters, Global Mobility Professionals and service providers including sole traders, companies, relevant government departments and non profit organisations that work within the immigration, expat and relocation industry, including international student market around the world.

What do we mean by the 'Immigration Industry'?
If you offer a product or service that facilitates or assists with migration or relocation for individuals, families, businesses, Investors, international students – both inbound and/or outbound, pre or post arrival, then you are eligible. If you are unsure, please contact us.

There is a requirement that all IIA member practitioners or service providers be appropriately registered with their regulatory body or licensed and insured where applicable. This is important to ensure best practice and quality assurance.

Please ensure you read the IIA Code of Practice

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