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We welcome our new Strategic Partner - Expatland


The IIA is delighted to have Expatland as a Strategic Partner. The alliance brings about a change of thinking for IIA members, and to that end, allows the IIA membership to contribute to an innovative approach to customer education and guidance. The IIA encourage its members to participate in this exciting opportunity.

Chris Galway, Chairman of the Board


Expatland is the name given by John Marcarian to describe the “special country” where expats live and work. As a global community, Expatland focuses on making life easier for those working and living abroad.

We provide information and knowledge from skilled service providers in key Expatland cities all over the world. The Expatland Team of professionals (or the ‘E-Team’ as we call them) are independent specialists that are passionate about the immigration industry in Expatland.  We help the expat community obtain considered advice before and after immigrating to this special country.


Our aim is to also help service providers in major global expat cities, connect with expats who need their help.

Expatland books and services are being generated for the migration and expat global market.

How will the IIA and IIA Members work with Expatland on this great initiative?

In collaboration with the IIA, the IIA members will get the opportunity to write a chapter in the city version of the Expatland book on their specialist business area.

As there will be different city versions of the Expatland book for different global cities, IIA members throughout the world will have plenty of opportunities to see where they would like to participate.

The Expatland book will be a great resource full of important information that will benefit expats and migrants coming to live in the IIA member’s home city.

The IIA members will receive full publicity for their book contribution and membership of an E Team.

Please contact John Marcarian, Founder of Expatland, to discuss how you can contribute and be part of one of the E-Team’s today.


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For more information please register at Expatland.com


For a full copy of the presentation please register at Expatland.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Expatland’s business is bringing together teams of professionals that are focused on the migration and expat industry, who are passionate about helping global expats settle into their new home city. Expatland’s passion is ‘making life easier for expats on the move’. Our E-Team professionals understand that moving to Expatland can be at once ‘thrilling and challenging’. In recognition of the many challenges of moving to Expatland our E-Teams have a range of special skills, services and a strong desire to solve these challenges.

An Expatland Team or an ‘E-Team’ as we call them, is a network of skilled professionals working in an Expatland city that works collaboratively to help global expatriates coming to their new city. Our network of experienced professionals regularly assist clients overcome the many hurdles and challenges of moving country and coming to a new city.

We have identified the major professional skill sets that our network members need to have in order to assist global expat executives, entrepreneurs and others working abroad. Our E-Team members come from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and areas of expertise.

Being an E-Team increases your business exposure through our marketing programme and customer interaction initiatives.

As an E-Team member you will join a network of industry professionals who understand Expatland and the benefits of working with it’s citizens.

We will provide you with:

  • Opportunities to promote our E-Team members at all IIA events;
  • Access to our web marketing programme that promotes your business on our Expatland city page;
  • A platform to market your business to our global community via our Expatland blogs and newsletters and other social media forums;
  • Ability to participate in webinars and seminars in your city with your fellow E-Team members;
  • Ability to join your fellow E-Team members at team events to foster and develop business opportunities;
  • The status recognition of being an Expatland specialist in your city.

Also, note that Expatland is a global sponsor of the Immigration Industry Association. This provides Expatland with enhanced opportunities to promote our E-Team members at all IIA events.

Contact Expatland and Join the E-Team Today.

To contact Expatland, please call:  John Marcarian

Tel: +44 7408 831 984

Email: John.marcarian@expatland.com


Or complete the contact form below

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