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DEEL becomes a sponsor of the IIA

We are delighted to introduce our new alliance partner Deel. As a world-leading provider of payroll and HR solutions, Deel has set the benchmark on what is possible for businesses in the new post covid world. Work From Home (WFH) or having a workforce working and living in other countries is the new global skills solution.

If you or your clients require a holistic workforce solution for the future. please do visit our partner page –

With Deel you can – Fast-track hiring in 150+ countries

Bring on a contractor, add a full-time employee or do both. Deel helps you create locally compliant contracts and hire full-time employees in no time. It even makes handling taxes, benefits, and payroll a breeze. We are not just restricted to full-time, we can help with your contracting staff as well.


Watch this video to learn more.

Avoid compliance mistakes

Collect and store country-specific documents. Double-check them with the help of our local legal experts.

Pay with one click

Fund payroll in seconds with one mass payment and let team members withdraw earnings using any supported payment method.

Automate invoices

Get digital invoices after each payment and sync them with your preferred accounting software.

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