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PODCAST – Immigration to Canada: What to expect in 2023

This week we get an update from Louise Willis from Canadian Visa Specialists about the exciting changes to the Canadian Immigration System for 2023.

With the addition of new occupations, record forecast numbers, and a country with an appetite for growth, Canada really is pushing ahead of its competitor countries in attracting a skilled workforce, to meet the challenges of the future.

In this episode we talk about the following:

  1. What are the new 2023-2025 Immigration Targets? Are these numbers projected to go up or down?
  2. The new year is here – what does that mean for Canadian immigration?
  3. Is there a specific group of applicants that the plan is targeting?
  4. What changes can we expect with Express Entry? When will this be?
  5. Will there be NOC-specific draws?
  6. What can you tell us about last week’s draw, which was the first of 2023?
  7. How is the backlog looking?

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