AMA EXPAT UK – Relocation Specialists

Melanie Dawkins, CEO – Partner of AMA Expat UK. I am a British Native, who has been an Expat living and working overseas for 10+ years in International Affairs.

We provide professional guidance and facilitation to those interested in making an impact in their organisation and the world by the empowerment of change. Placing them in a position where they are equipped to move and work in this global arena to be highly visible internationally, we hope to make the world an even more extraordinary place to live and work.

We specialise in Relocation, Expatriation, Residency Management, Diplomatic Services, Inter-Cultural Unity, and Education.

We will be delighted to discuss a tailor-made solution for your Relocation and Residential needs, on-line or in person with one of our Personal Expat Mentors (PEM)

Phone: 03333011227

Email: info@amaexpatuk.co.uk


Our Office hours are: Monday – Saturday 10 am to 10 pm UK GMT


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