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Fostering and Supporting Ethical Business in Immigration

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As businesses and people involved in the Immigration sector, we have an enormous responsibility to ensure that with all of our best efforts, clients and their families have a seamless experience when it comes to relocating and obtaining their visas.

A successful process requires between 100 and 127 contacts, depending on what and where the applicant is moving to, however, for the most part, it involves organisations such as: immigration agents, banks, tax advisors, relocation agents, removalists, education providers, real estate, vehicle sales and lease and so much more. A big responsibility for all businesses participating in the process.

The Immigration Industry Association started in London in 2017. The aim of the IIA is to foster business, provide network opportunities, organise education events and in the end collaboratively foster the quality of migration processes.

Apart from ethical responsibility, businesses in migration have to think in terms of business benefits. The migration industry holds many different disciplines. Research shows that enhancing networks of businesses increases the market share, efficiency and profits of the businesses involved. By providing opportunities to network and foster relationships among members of the different disciplines in the migration industry the IIA brings business benefits to the individual businesses and promotes professional services, provided by professional people within the industry. This can only have a positive effect on the end client.

The IIA opens its doors for Australia and New-Zealand businesses at an event in Melbourne on the 14th of August.

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If you are engaged in the Immigration Industry – become a member today –  join us on our launching event and be part of this thriving network!

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No Deal: What could this mean for my FX transfers?

Back in January of this year, when the Brexit date was set at 29 March 2019, we looked at the potential impact of the Brexit agreement on the Pound in the result of a ‘Soft’ or ‘Hard’ Brexit, using the XE Brexit Barometer.

Now with the process being delayed to 31 October, there is still uncertainty regarding how the UK will leave the EU, with Michael Gove confirming that the UK is ‘working on the assumption’ of a no-deal.

This year, the pound has been negatively affected by ongoing concerns of a disorderly Brexit and political uncertainty. What we do know is that you should prepare for all outcomes. So how can you prepare for a deal or no-deal Brexit?

What could happen to GBP on the 31st October?

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